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ProdCode: HA X 1PD #11/75 Titanium

Organ Titanium Needle for General Sewing and Embroidery

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Suitable For: Household Sewing & Embroidery Machines
Condition: Brand New

Organ Home needles (Japanese Brand) has been around since the 1900s are suitable for most sewing machine brands especially Brother, Janome, Juki and Bernette brands. Organ needles are being used for machine testing in these brands' factories and are packed together along as part of the machines' included accessories.

This Titanium light ball point needle is most suitable for heavy duty and embroidery sewing. It can last up to around 6 times longer than normal nickel plated needles.

The  Titanium needle is coated with a thin layer of ceramic, extremely-durable material  called titanium nitride for a longer needle life. This thin coating doesn't make the needle stronger (in terms of breaking strength); it increases the abrasion resistance of the needle at the point, extending the life of the needle by staying sharper, longer. Titanium nitride is the same coating found on surgical instruments, drill bits, and commercial tools due to it's amazing ability to keep tools in tact longer than uncoated steel or nickel-plated steel (standard sewing machine needles are nickel plated). 

Useful Tips: Sewing machine needles should be replaced regularly, because worn out needles can cause damages to delicate fabrics. Blunt or bent needles will produce skipped stitches and thread breakages. In extreme cases the usage of worn out needles can result in damages of the stitching plate and surrounding parts. After use we recommend to put the needles back into the original boxes. This is a good place for keeping them and mismatching with other needles and sizes is excluded.

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  • This needle is suitable for semi–professional general sewing.



Guide to choosing the right Organ needle for your sewing needs


How to choose the right needle size for your uses?

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