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Cotton Soft Stabilizer Tear-Away 0.3X10M White

The Madeira Cotton Soft stabilizer is a tear-away backing for embroidery of stable fabrics, including denim, twill, and canvas. Made from 100% cotton, Madeira Cotton Soft is a lightweight professional-standard stabilizer that eliminates design distortion and leaves minimal backing once torn away. Also suitable for use when sewing buttonholes. Each pack contains a 30cm x 10m sheet of Madeira Cotton Soft. Available in black and white.
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(White) Cotton Soft Stabilizer Tear-Away 30cm X 10m
(White) Cotton Soft Stabilizer Tear-Away 30cm X 10m
Cotton Soft is the choice of professional embroiderers for embroidery and sewing machines. Prevents displacement of the fabric during embroidery. For super clean edges. The natural, unbleached cotton fibres make it environmentally friendly and also natural-looking.