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Cotton Fix Stabilizer Tear-Away 0.3X3M White

The Madeira Cotton Fix stabilizer is tear-away backing purpose-made for hooped computerized embroidery. Being self-adhesive, easily and conveniently stabilize delicate fabrics and eliminate hoop marks. Madeira Cotton Fix is also excellent when patchworking, removing the need for basting (i.e. adding loose temporary stitches to hold your patches together). Made from 100% cotton, and suited for use on both stable and stretch fabrics, including velvet, leather, jersey, and knits. Each pack contains a 30cm x 3m sheet of Madeira Cotton Fix.
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(White) Cotton Fix Stabilizer Tear-Away, Self-Adhesive 30cm X 3M
(White) Cotton Fix Stabilizer Tear-Away, Self-Adhesive 30cm X 3M
Cotton Fix is ideal for hooped computerized machine embroidery. Avoids hoop marks on delicate and sensitive fabrics, such as velvet, suede and silk. Excellent for patchwork as small items can be embroidered without basting them to the stabilizer.